Matchmaking ninja destiny 2

Keep it real simple, rift or mayhem and clash or control in the 6v6 bracket and rumble or free for all and survival or one of the two d1 3v3 sweat modes in the other, and a special mode playlist 4v4's perhaps, all rotating weekly. I read all the posts on this thread and there are some good ideas. I don't think I will play comp until I get what my skill deserves at the very least. Post History, loading, please wait. Do you agree with this request? And to put that into context someone admittedly better than me probably top 10 itw can solo from.5 hours because they can superhuman carry. Speaking of which survival only comp is a failure(variety variety variety).

Move sbmm all together. Cancel, edit, create Fireteam, post. You can get a more detailed breakdown of the implications of these new changes in the video above. Make it so you cant blink with the rift, bring back a few good rift maps and bob is your mothers brother. Revision, date Edited, edited By, subject. No, yes, our female members requested us to not admit male members looking for a 'relationship'. So despite having.87comp kd (not kda that's over 2) on my main (2.5 (kd) on alt) bashing full teams of unbroken sweats all day in classic 6v6 and iron banner ALL solo queue, I have not and probably. All of this is to say its busted.

So I got frustrated and washed my hands of the whole comp playlist until shadowkeep. Now we have 5500 carries people cross saving to PC and eliminating the already failed project that is PC destiny. Temporary offer, valid for: 03:00, are you over 18 years old? PvP maps are bad too btw. Take a minute to review our. People would carry anyone for free and teams of all skills above the lowest 25 percentile could have at least a decent experience. Not that I want to compstomp but I went on my alt which has an unruly KD.5 or something and game 1 solo queue 3 unbrokens and clueless teammates.

It makes it complete RNG barring superhuman carries if you will win or not and even worse rng dependant if you will put together a winstreak. Weapons use to level up so you could feel the difference the perks made binding man and gun. Destiny was best when trials was cbmm way back when. Loosing glory when matchmaking is so unfair is why people stop playing. No, yes, most women here are single mothers and married wives looking for an affair. This may take some time.

The old version was better, and the normal playlists feel too diluted, where IS rift and combined arms the playlists feel way to serious right now. Exotics mean nothing now when you get them from egg punching a dreg compared to the tears of joy over getting a ghally. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep lands on October. I'm good enough to beat legend players but not a team of them. Link, category, flags, subject, body, add more answer options, edit. In the new matchmaking system, your skill rating will adjust by the minute based on your in-game performance as YouTubes Aztecross Gaming reports from Bungie, and your Glory gains and losses will scale according to what the system. So I stopped solo queing and found a team, I found guys around 4k and the same thing continued win or loose based on if I could perform a superhuman carry. Code of Conduct before submitting your post.


Matchmaking ninja destiny 2

Gosh our lives are unnaturally on show enough anyways and people will lfg when the want raid gear and so forth. I know the dangers involved in recapturing the past but look at fortnite chapter to, they stripped it down to barebones and it really has a new lease of life. This also spills out into other gamemodes. Many just want to fuck and enjoy casual hookups. When I load into d1 after i just cant take it anymore, I see solo's everywhere.

Matchmaking ninja destiny 2

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Matchmaking ninja destiny 2

Laughably, the only wins I get are when my team-mate gets requeued with me and quits before the match even starts and I 1v2 the entire match and furiously T-bag the team that sie sucht ihn erotik karlsruhe sextreffen paderborn thought they were so good after beating me because of potato team-mate. I know I'm gonna get punished for being good and triple whipped for being a solo, that I can live with, but being totally unable to get legend unless join the vile ranks of the we think were. Bungies never taken a hard stance against account recovery services, but these changes could make it way less enticing for players who use them. If you havent checked your calendar lately, thats extremely soon. There are probably other but why should I do your job for you. Lock Legend players to play only legend players for like a scarab style emblem that goes through various upgrades, is one possibility.

Matchmaking Ninja Destiny 2

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They could be your neighbour or someone you know. Have you ever had an STD? All this to say firstly stop punishing solo players in all forms of everything. Faction vendors used to be hard to level up and then you would get legendary that was not even in the visual loot pool that felt unique, now we just get the millionth better devils, and I have never even shot one. So the solutions are as follows. The list is endless.

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This includes rewarding teams more, just stop. That means that if youre actually a Legend player using a low-rank account, youre going to get pulled into matches against tougher opponents much faster than you wouldve in the old system. It's already an advantage being on a team. Since youre no longer going to get stomped by coordinated four-player teams as you go, youre now going to have a much easier time earning those rewards without a group, again de-emphasising the need for account recovery services. I try and solo que in doubles and loose 75 of games because I always vs teams of 2 and my teammate is guaranteed potato who quits almost definitely after loosing 3-4 rounds (and thus the match. Solo queue for competitive should help matchmaking ninja destiny 2 too, by giving individual players a more pleasant path toward high-end Crucible rewards. I started playing d2 again in season 7 and as a pvp player went into comp, 0-3000 gory was laughable but around 4000 comp it was just one win one loss and I was convinced I was. Destiny as a competitive experience is just not a good model exasperated by the systems that have beleaguered.